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It’s the dream of many a skier and snowboarder to hop aboard a helicopter and sail across dazzling snowy peaks, landing in the heart of alpine wilderness in order to descend rugged, pristine slopes. The Andes Mountains are the second-highest in the world and the vertical drop on any given run can be as much as 5,000 feet or more. Many seasoned skiers including the guides themselves frequently say that heli-skiing at Valle Nevado is comparable to Alaska — but with longer runs. Very few operations in the world can claim the dramatic scenery or the vertical drop found here in the snowy Andes. This is adventure at its wildest!

Valle Nevado Heli-Ski: An Otherworldy Experience

To speak about heli-skiing in South America is to speak about Valle Nevado. Celebrating more than 25 years’ experience offering guided, personalized heli-ski services with an emphasis on safety and a quality of experience, the Valle Nevado heli-ski operation is the best in South America for the sheer variety and size of the terrain found in the resort’s backyard. The Valle Nevado Heli-Ski program is organized through the ANH (National Heli-Ski Association of Chile).

Access untouched slopes in our Eurocopter B3 helicopters and climb up to 13,000+ feet in altitude and experience the best terrain and snow ever imagined, all under the supervision of expert mountain guides and with state-of-the-art safety equipment, such as airbag technology. In addition, you can rent skis and snowboards that are specially designed for deep snow and wild terrain, available at our rental shop.


  • Our guides are highly experienced in the Andes Mountains and are certified at the highest level. Guides constantly evaluate terrain and weather conditions, measure the risk of avalanches and other potential dangers, and are certified in rescue and first-aid in remote areas.
  • Each client receives safety equipment consisting of an airbag, a transmitter/receiver, shovel and probe. Tampering with an airbag results in a fine of USD $150.
  • Before each departure, our guides provide a training session so that every participant is aware of how to use safety equipment, how to load and unload on a helicopter, what to expect with terrain, and communication protocols.

General information

  • Average Vertical Drop: 4,000 to 5,000 feet, sometimes more.
  • Drops per day
    • Full Day = 4 to 6
  • Group size: 3 to 4 people per group with one dedicated guide.
  • Season: July to September
  • Feature: Heli-skiing typically takes place on dry days with blue sky. The Andes are known for their long descents, some of the longest in the world. Surrounding mountains rise as high as 20,000 feet in altitude.
  • Heliport Base: Convenient for Valle Nevado guests, just a short walk from hotels and condominiums.


HELI-SKI Duration Guaranteed Vertical Meters Guaranteed Vertical Feet Value p/p based on 4 pax
Full Day

Private Heliski Unlimited





USD 1.900

USD 9,000

Private Heliski Unlimited:

For an even more exclusive experience, you can reserve a private helicopter for your group of up to 4 guests. The price for a full-day of private heli skiing is USD $9000, offering an unlimited number of descents. We are open to inquiries and can personalize this experience according to your individual preferences.


We recommended booking in advance to assure space, paying the minimum rate with credit card.

To book, email heliski@vallenevado.com, or call the heli-ski office directly at (+56-2) 2477-7182. You can also ask to be put in touch with the heli-ski department when booking your Valle Nevado hotel package.

If you have not reserved a space in advance, please head to our heli-ski office upon arrival at Valle Nevado to check availability.


If weather conditions prevent a group from flying, Valle will reschedule for the next available opportunity, or if this is not possible, Valle Nevado will refund 100% of the reservation.

Number of Drops

The number of drops are for each day, and cannot be divided over a period of different days.


Cost is based on 4 people on each flight.

Rates shown are for the month of August. If inquiring about September or July, please note that there is an additional ‘taxi’ fee to bring the helicopter up from Santiago.