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Ski & Snowboard School

With almost 30 years of experience, the Valle Nevado Ski & Snowboard School has become a national and South American standard of reference, and it's the ideal place to go to learn for the first time, or perfect your technique. Led by Director Myriam Torralbo, the School promotes a culture of motivation along with passion for snow sports, and a commitment to providing outstanding instruction in a safe and fun environment.

The Valle Nevado Ski & Snowboard School provides ski and snowboard classes, Kids' Snow Garden for children 4 to 11 years old, ski randonnée and freestyle lessons, competition training, instruction for adaptive skiers, and the Burton "Learn to Ride" snowboard programs, all taught by instructors who are dedicated to excellence. Every year, the School organizes important international competitions and high-profile events.

Valle Nevado employs more than 150 highly certified instructors who are bilingual (Portuguese, English, French, Italian and other languages), many of whom work as instructors in the northern hemisphere during the opposite season.

Class Categories::

Category Ski Snowboard
Wedge / Base Turn
Advanced / Carved Turn


  • Beginner Class: First time on skis.
  • Wedge Class: You can manage a wedge slide and are beginning to start your first turns down a gentle slope on a green run.
  • Intermediate Class: You can glide on a blue run and do a wedge turn or parallel turn.
  • Advanced Class: You are proficient on the mountain and able to make parallel turns in most types of snow and terrain.


  • Beginner Class: It's your first time on a snowboard.
  • Base Turn: First glide with the board, learning to control speed, direct the board and change edges on a green run.
  • Intermediate Class: Blue runs, using edges, changing body posture in different stages of the curve, having more control of the board during turns.
  • Advanced Class: Turns in red / black runs, more dynamism in ability, being able to perform well in all types of terrain and snow conditions.

Private Classes

  • Private classes are personalized and are taught according to the level of each student with respect to their ability and age. Private classes are available for ages 3 years and up, and are for a maximum of 4 people, however it is requested that at least 2 (or more) have the same level and approximate age if taking a private class together.

Group Classes

  • Group classes are for ages 12 and up, last 2 hours, and are grouped according to ability. Maximum 10 people in each group. Group classes require a minimum of 4 people; if a group class has less than 4 people, the class lasts only 1 hour. Group classes are a fun, entertaining way to learn, and allow for students to interact and meet other people.

Reception at School from 9:45 am.

KID'S CAMP (4 to 11 years) **Ski classes only Length Time $
Ski School ½ Day 11am to 1pm $42,000
Ski School Full Day + Lunch 11am to 4pm $79,000
Ski School ½ Day + Gear 11am to 1pm $50,000
Ski School 1 Day + Lunch + Gear 11am to 4pm $82,000
Ticket Ski School Day - $11,500
PRIVATE CLASSES (2 people) *** Length Time $
Private (9am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm) 1 hr. 9 a 10 / 15 a 17 hours $62,000
Private 2 hours 9am to 5pm  $109,000
1/2 Day 4 hours 9am to 5pm  $210,000
Full Day 8 hours 9am to 5pm  $380,000
Additional people (max 2 additional people for a total of 4) 1 hour 9am to 5pm  $30,000
Randonnée 1/2 Day 4 hours 9am to 5pm  $210,000
Randonnée Full Day 8 hours 9am to 5pm  $380,000
Randonnée Equipment -- -- $30,000

* Group Classes: 4 people minimum. If a group has only 1 to 3 people, the class will last one (1) hour only.

** Kids Camp: Class starts at 11am only. Kids Camp is for skiing only, not snowboarding.

*** Private Classes: Price is for 1 or 2 people.

Prices shown in Chilean pesos.