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Kids Club

The Kids Club is the easiest and safest way for children ages 4 to 11 to learn to ski. Kids Camp is taught by instructors who specialize in teaching children, and who possess the energy and enthusiasm to keep kids motivated and having fun.

Schedules and prices

Admission starting at 9:45 am.
Half-day: 11am to 1 pm or 2pm to 4 pm.
Full day: 11am to 4 pm (includes lunch).


  • Children must be between 4 and 11 years old.
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory.
  • Please let us know if a child has allergies or special nutritional needs. .
  • Students must come equipped with boots, skis and appropriate clothing (gloves, hats and glasses).
  • Students should arrive hydrated and have had breakfast.
  • Schedules must be respected, if the child is not picked up at the agreed-upon time, and additional day care fee will be charged.


  • First steps and adaptation with the equipment.
  • Development of balance and posture, first rectilinear sliding and wedge turns.
  • Once the student demonstrates being able to slip and brake with a wedge, he/she is ready to learn to ride the Magic Carpet lift .
  • Once the student can control speed via a wedge and can makes turns, he/she can go on a regular ski run



  • Wedge - Turns
    • Green runs
      • Progression corresponds to a level of wedge rotation and is taught via games, observation and imitation..
      • Exercises are mastered where motor actions are stimulated to achieve set objectives.
      • To move to the next level, the student must begin to slide with their parallel skis controlling their speed through wedge turns.
  • Wedge to parallel
    • Green and blue runs
      • Exercises help teach parallel skiing.
      • Entertaining and easy-to-understand progressions are made.
  • Parallel
    • Blue and red runs
      • Activities and progressions to develop parallel abilities according to the student's level.
      • Emphasis on the motor, cognitive and affective elements are also considered according to the age of the student.


Level achieved

At the end of the week of classes, an award ceremony is held at the Puerta del Sol hotel, where the student receives a skills card specifying the level of the student, the progress achieved and their achievements.