Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations


Hotel Reservations

Enjoy the passion of skiing in the Andes with confidence in Valle Nevado. In Valle Nevado we take care of you and we take care of ourselves, together we can avoid COVID-19.

Our Valle Safe Program considers high standards in COVID Protocols, based on the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Chile, the National Tourism Service SERNATUR, the regulations for Ski Centers in Chile of ACESKI and the international experience of World Travel & Tourism Council.

Let’s avoid contact as much as possible, take care of ourselves and enjoy the mountain.


What is COVID 19?

COVID-19 is a strain in the coronavirus family, causing illnesses ranging from the common cold to more serious illnesses, such as severe acute respiratory failure. The virus is transmitted by having close contact with a patient without adequate protection, particularly through droplets of saliva and sneezing.


What to do in case of Symptoms?

Go to the nearest Health Center. In addition, in case of doubts, call Salud Responde: 600 360 77 77, or visit the website www.saludresponde.cl where you can request a call.

The Chilean Ministry of Health recommends that people in risk groups avoid leaving their homes as much as possible.

At Valle Nevado we have established the strictest operational protocols. You can visit us with confidence. It is essential that each visitor respect these rules. Preventing COVID – 19 is everyone’s responsibility.

Information prior to visiting Valle Nevado:

  • The Authorities carries out an exhaustive control on the mountain road, controlling that each person does not come from a quarantined place. In addition, the carrying chains for wheels , you will be asked to submit a printed affidavit, which you can download HERE (print 2 copies).
  • To enter Valle Nevado you must deliver the second copy of the affidavit, this is done daily.
  • The number of daily visitors is limited. The capacity limitations are established by the health authority and will be respected.
  • Find out about the state of the road and additional services in our Mountain Report.
  • If you need information on how to get to Chile from abroad, visit Plan Viajar a Chile or the Minsal for more information.

Valle Safe:

We invite you to know and respect the special measures designed for your protection during your visit, at the slopes, hotels and restaurants. Our team is trained to operate respecting and applying Valle Safe and giving you the best service.

Entrance to Valle Nevado:

  • There are 2 entry and control points in Valle Nevado: Plaza la Góndola and Control Hotel Tres Puntas.
  • All visitors must go through one of these 2 checkpoints to enter Valle Nevado.
  • At the control points, wearing  a face mask, temperature, hand disinfection and delivery of the health declaration will be verified.
  • All tickets will be sold through VallePlus.cl according to capacity.
  • In our ticket offices you can exchange purchased tickets, or buy cards to recharge tickets, only with a debit or credit card.

Internal protocols:

Our internal protocols seek to take care of our workers and our clients during their visit. Below you can find the main measures implemented:

  • We have trained all of our workers.
  • There are general and detailed standards by area, both in terms of personnel, how to operate, details of implementation, personal protection elements (PPE), operation, disinfection, signage and control.
  • We do a temperature and health check every day.
  • We apply maximum capacity protocols in transport, accommodation, and food places.
  • Delivery and use of PPE, mandatory, with daily check.
  • We disinfect all our facilities on a daily basis, both for internal use and used by our clients.
  • We apply protocols for disinfection of workplaces, tools, machinery, use of foot baths, alcohol gel, among others.
  • We have a Control Team: review of the daily implementation, with Check list and reports, led by our Risk Manager and RRGG Preventionist.
  • We constantly update our protocols to improve prevention.