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Lynsey Dyer Shreds Andes Backcountry With Valle Nevado Heliski

Pro skier phenom Lynsey Dyer, who is visiting us at Valle Nevado this week, jumped on one of our helicopters for “the best heliskiing I’ve had in my life,” as she happily told us when she made it back to the resort. Check out the photo here of Lynsey taken from a drone deep in […]

2018/05/01 19:31:29 - Corporative / News

SnowBrains Extols the Virtues of Skiing at Valle Nevado

The Lake Tahoe-based snow and sports website SnowBrains published an excellent article highlighting all the important reasons you need to be skiing here this 2018 season. Check it out here.

2018/04/30 18:07:23 - News

SKI Magazine Prints 14-Page Story About Valle Nevado, “Chasing Winter”

SKI Magazine launched its newest issue with a spectacular 14-page story about Valle Nevado, Chile, including what to expect, how to get there, what skis and gear to bring, how to plan a heli-ski day, and what the ski pros (Lynsey Dyer, Marcus Caston) say about their yearly visit to ski Chile’s largest and most […]

2018/01/30 13:25:58 - News

5 Reasons to Visit Valle Nevado – Unofficial Networks

The sports-adventure site Unofficial Networks, one of the most clicked-on sites in the industry, lists 5 Reasons to Visit Valle Nevado, Chile, This Summer: Access, terrain, deals, festivals, and the full experience that only a resort like Valle Nevado can provide in Chile. Check it out here.

2017/07/06 19:32:30 - Corporative / News

Aspen Sojourner Magazine Recommends Valle Nevado for Summer Skiing

The Aspen/Snowmass glossy publication Aspen Sojourner recommended Valle Nevado for skiers looking to get their fix during the summer months. In “Take Your Summer Skiing Up a Notch at Valle Nevado,” editor Cindy Hirschfeld writes that “After a ski getaway, summer vacation will never be the same.” You can read the full article here. https://www.aspensojo.com/articles/2017/5/24/take-your-summer-skiing-in-the-andes-up-a-notch-at-valle-nevado

2017/05/25 14:46:19 - Corporative / Destacados